Created in 1999, the AniCare (Adult) Model of Treatment for Animal Abuse is the first professionally developed, comprehensive psychological intervention program for animal abusers over the age of 17. The AniCare Child program is used to treat offenders under age 17.

Designed for use by experienced therapists and social workers skilled in psychological assessment and interviewing techniques, the AniCare program uses a mixed approach, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and attachment theories. Direct intervention emphasizes the client's need to acknowledge accountability for his or her behavior (much like the approach used for spouse batterers) and to develop respect and empathy for both animals and people.

The incontrovertible link between animal cruelty and other violent behavior, including child abuse, spousal battery and other types of criminal violence, means that addressing the attitude and behavior of animal cruelty offenders is essential to breaking this cycle of violence. Therefore, specialized AniCare counseling is highly recommended for anyone who has abused animals and as part of the sentencing and/or probation requirements for anyone who has been charged with animal cruelty as a crime.

New Mexico's animal cruelty statute (30-18-1) mandates that juveniles convicted of cruelty to animals be referred for assessment and any necessary psychological counseling or treatment. The statute also states that adult offenders convicted of cruelty or extreme cruelty to animals may be referred for psychological counseling.

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A list of TRAINED ANICARE THERAPISTS in New Mexico is also available.

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